BDSM. Basics

These four rather rude letters contain a whole subculture based on the psychophysiological dominance or subordination of one of the partners. At the same time, it is closely connected with things, which makes this sexual aesthetics close to the concept of fetishism.

In its modern incarnation, BDSM has gained many devices and accessories, formed the basis of an independent fashion trend, and therefore deserves special attention in our selection of fetishes.

We are well aware of the passion of our ancestors for public executions from fiction and historical literature. Physical punishment in public was part of the culture and was considered necessary for full atonement. The use of force also received a sexual orientation quite early. Sadomasochistic scenes were found in frescoes during the excavations of Pompeii. The most famous and ancient manual of sexual pleasures – Kama Sutra – calls the propensity to strike as part of love pleasure.


Psychological motives for voluntary submission may be hidden in getting rid of the fear of losing a partner. You do not try to live up to unattainable expectations and offer him the opportunity to realize his despotic inclinations. At the same time, he understands that such games are hardly possible with other partners, so you will always be “his only one.” Despite the somewhat dubious moral background, such a contractual union can be very long-term and durable.

The diversity of BDSM culture allows you to unite thrill-seekers of all stripes: from harmless inhabitants who want to add color to their boring sex life to outright perverts. In general, nothing is disgusting in this, and the sense of risk in BDSM is illusory. The main principles of this trend are safety, reasonableness, and voluntariness.

Some stylish BDSM fetishes – chains and belts, leather clothes, collars – are worth getting for your wardrobe, even if you don’t feel like hardcore pleasures.

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